Monday, October 17, 2016

Research Finds Landscaping Beneficial to Mental and Physical Health

Craving for a life of wellness and health? Open your door to nature. Humans naturally pine for greenery, and there are several excellent reasons for this. A living landscape is an essential part of outdoor living that many Americans love, but the advantages go beyond playing catch in the backyard and having the occasional barbeque party.

To put it simply, green spaces created by landscaping in Ashburn, VA are necessary for your health and wellbeing.

Enhanced mental health

Researchers in England have found that when you move to a greener area, you can experience an immediate enhancement of your mental health. Better yet, this improvement is sustained for at least three years after the initial move. A landscaped yard gives you immediate access to greenery every day, helping lift your mood and developing a calm, positive energy. Read more on this article: